August 15, 2010

Annie from "Pins and Needles" Teil 1

This is Annie again, and this time I‘m with C.P, and am going to introduce you to a new series of my articles. Here I will be presenting clothes that I have created, desinged and sewn myself. In this series of photographs, a model is shown wearing a light blue pinafore dress which I made last month. It is the latest design in my collection, which goes by the name of „Pins and Needels“. So now the story of this newest member of the „Pins and Needels“ collection. I had always wanted to have a pinafore of my own. They seem rare nowadays, so, as often is the case, the need lead to the creation. In a large fabric store in London, called Desingers Guild, they sell beutifully patterned and coloured fabrics, which are usually used for furniture or curtains. It is usualy very expensive, but sometimes they have a sale where they sell offcuts very cheapy. Here I found the beutiful blue fabric which I used to make my pinafore. I made it in the holidays, experimenting with the size as I went along. The process was quite fustrating at times, but I was extreemly happy with the final product. The straps are made from a differnt material, as can be seen in the close up, and the dress closes with some small loops (made from dark blue waxed string) around two large buttons. I will post the next article, about my flowerd skirt, soon. If you have any further questions, please do not hestitate to contact me via .

What does THAT mean???
to introduce = vorstellen
a pinafore dress = Trägerkleid
„Pins and Needles“ = hier soviel wie: Stecknadeln und Nadeln (aber auch ein Ausdruck für ein eingeschlafenes Körperteil)
member = Mitglied (hier heißt es aber soviel wie „Teil“ der Kollektion)
rare = selten
patterned = gemustert
further = weitere
to hestitate = zögern

© Annie / Fotos: Annie & C.P.

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