May 27, 2013


bumble and bumble bb tonic lotion // KIEHLS ultra facial cream // NUXE masque purifiant doux // NUXE gelée exfoliante douce

I got asked by some of you to show you my daily beauty and care products, soooo here you are. As you see its just a selection of my products, my absolute favorites. I used to try out many products and use many different lotions and creams and so on but I realized that the more stuff I put on my face the worse it gets so I reduced my routine and the lasts months the only things I put on my face every day (except a little bit of make up) was water and the KIEHLS cream, which I utterly love! I'd recommend it to everyone who got a sensitive skin, its just perfect. Additional I use the two NUXE products once a week, when I do my little spa routine including treating my skin and my hair and me with various products, haha :D
The BUMBLE AND BUMBLE bb lotion is a hair product I use quite often when my hair gets fuzzy or frizzy or however you call it when your hair is so dry and uncontrollable you dont want to touch it. ;)
I hope you enjoyed this kinda post and if you do so Id be so happy if you could tell me cause I really need to get some feedback on what to post and stuff. Thanks, loves 


  1. Sowas interessiert mich immer sehr. Die Nuxeprodukte werde ich mir mal genauer angucken. Danke dafür! :)

  2. hören sich alle richtig gut an!! könnte mir richtig gut vorstellen das du so ein beautyguru bist <3 :D

  3. Sehr schöne Bilder und tolle Produkte - schön, dass ich deinen Blog gefunden habe :)

    Liebe Grüße aus München,


  4. es ist einfach so schwer bei der riesen auswahl das richtige produkt für sich selbst zu finden! ich bin froh um jede bewertung und anregung :)

  5. richtig tolle Bilder machst du! :)