October 15, 2014


I never thought this would actually happen to me but I tend to have something people call a writer's block. This might sound weird now, considering I mainly post photos and a small text underneath but this small text is stopping me from posting all the photos I have already editing, waiting in line to be uploaded. I noticed my writer's block while writing my last post and in the end the text sounded like an extract from a really bad guide book. I think the big problem is I start writing the post in English - which always works out quite well - then trying to translate into German and for some reason the translation sounds too cheesy and wrong. I don't want this to happen but then again I don't want to post photos of my hotspots in Barcelona without any information or relating text... I'm going to try to be a bit more authentic in my posts, a bit more like I would talk to you guys, hoping this helps a bit. I don't know how I'm going to do this but I will try and try until I break my writer's block.

So, these are photos I took in my second-favourite-barrio called El Born (Gracia eventually turned out to be my no.-1-favourite!). I was strolling through the streets with two friends, window shopping here and there, enjoying the october sun and ending up having a coffee in one of my favourite cafés (post will follow). 

El Born is great if you're looking for cute, individual stores and boutiques - such as D-Lirio // Carrer Vidrieria 4 // - and even greater for going out especially if you don't feel like clubbing (yet..) and are looking for bars with a nice atmosphere; I recommend Golfo de Bizkaia // Carrer Vidrieria, 12 // for Tapas and Pinchos, Creps al Born // Passeig del Born, 12 // for drinks (and Crêpes, of course) or Bar Rubi // Banys Vells,6 //  for 3,50-and-yet-so-good Mojitos! (Also check out The Lime House, belongs to Bar Rubi I think and better if you are with a bigger group of people!)

As you can see El Born is totally worth a visit, try to calculate a whole day to explore this neighbourhood. It's also super close the great Parc de la Cuitadella, where you can spend at least some hours to relax or have a picnic and see how it is one of the few places in Barcelona where  you find both at the same time, tourists and locals. 


  1. wie immer sehr schöne bilder! :) richtig toll sieht es einfach aus!

  2. Ganz tolle Bilder!! Barcelona ist ohnehin einfach eine wunderschöne Stadt! Studierst du zur Zeit dort?
    Liebe Grüße aus Texas! :)

  3. oh und ich bin neidisch darauf, dass du gerade in Barcelona bist, während es hier so kalt ist! Können gerne tauschen :)

  4. richtig tolle bilder! dein Ring hats mir angetan :)