May 01, 2015


Primary school all over again - only waay stylisher than mine used to be. The MOMA PS1 was founded in 1971 and used as an open space for performances and exhibitions for 20 years until in 2000 it became an affiliate of the MOMA in Manhattan. Since then it's mission is to bring contemporary and young art to an international audience always backed up by one of the most important museums of modern art. The exhibitons we visited were... so-so, some interesting ones, some super boring ones but the best thing of all was, of course, the building itself. 

Wandering through the apparently abandoned hallways of the old school it felt like I could almost hear laughing and chatting children running back and forth between the classrooms. I almost smelled the chalk and wet sponges and lunch boxes. It was a very unusual feeling and a bit scary since not all parts of the building are used and some are just empty. I was kind of relieved entering the cafeteria-like restaurant on the ground-flour where arty grown-ups were sitting pretending to be back in school nipping their cafe lattes and scribbling in their notebooks. Still, I can only recommend this museum, it's really worth it and also, if you go and visit the MOMA (which I guess almost every NY tourist has on his bucket list) you get a free entry to the PS1 so you won't even have to pay extra for it. (Except for countless beautiful art books and magazines you'll find in their bookshop...)

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