June 02, 2015


Just another small post about what I wore the other day when it was actually nice and sunny and me and a few of my friends were about to picnic somewhere outside. As always it's nothing exciting and as always I keep telling you this but it's just that personally I mostly read (fashion) blogs of girls wearing totally wearable and comfortable stuff, nothing too exciting, nothing over-the-top but relaxed and still somehow not super boring. Stepping out of my comfort zone (in terms of my outfits), meaning wearing nothing grey, wearing loose fit jeans, wearing actually quite colourful shoes is kind of a small step for me this spring and I'm so happy about the new won confidence coming along with this. Oh and considering my conscious shopping post from a few days ago: the jeans, the top and shirt are produced under fair conditions in the US and considering none of the pieces was more than 30 dollars (thank you Urban Outfitter Sale!) there is just not excuse anymore not to buy fair products, every now and then!

Oh and you can also find me on twitter now. Not that I will EVER have something come into my mind that would be slightly interesting enough to be posted but then again you never know...

Photo credits go to Lea (distinctual) who is currently cruising around Bali, seriously, so jealous, SO jealous!! :D But also sooo happy she got to have this amazing experience. You go girl!

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