October 07, 2015


Malou and I went to De Pijp to buy a present for a friend and I just thought how "Amsterdamish" does she look like? 

Also, I recently set up a facebook page for my shootings: Clara Pietrek Photography, so if you're interested in a shooting or some simple, casual photos like the ones above send me an email or message me via facebook. (Around Amsterdam and Düsseldorf.) Perfect as a present for your best friend or mom or dad or boyfriend or whatever.

Did I mention how much I love October? I am writing this sitting in my favourite café in Amsterdam (so far) and it smells like coffee and it sounds a lot like the Coffehouse Playlist and outside it's raining but in here it's so cosy and warm. I mean, I like every season but I don't think I appreciate one as much as autumn. Maybe summer. But summer seems so far away already. But then again, I am always in the mood to plan my next summer holidays. Oh well...

Oh and thanks to Malou for showing me this cute autumnish song. 


  1. Lebst du in Amsterdam? :) Weil du geschreiben hast das du dort auch Shootings machn würdest haha und deine Freundin sieht wirklich sehr amsterdamisch aus ;)


  2. Für nächstes Jahr plane ich einen Kurztrip nach Amsterdam... und wenn ich das jetzt so lese, denke ich... werde ich garantiert darauf zurück kommen. :)