November 28, 2015


Autumn is over, winter is here, not so happy about that but that still doesn't stop me from getting out there as much as possible. The last weeks were so busy and packed with deadlines, papers and tests but also birthday dinners, long walks and nightly bike rides and I just thought about giving a quick update on what's going on in my life. (And no, totally not to justify this massive lack of posts on the blog... Maybe a bit..)

A trip to the IJ Hallen flea market every couple of months is obligatory and so I went again, obviously on the windiest day in a long long time, where even the bike ride to the ferry felt like a cross fit workout. But it was worth it, the day was all about buying 1€-bargains, eating poffertjes in the rain and strolling around the market, with a good friend and a not-so-good cup of coffee.

Autumn was beautiful in Amsterdam, I fell in love with the city all over again. It was so idyllic, so pretty, it sometimes seemed a bit unreal. Cycling along the canals, facing the October sun and everything is golden, sitting outside caf├Ęs, drinking tea and going for walks in the park. I am so glad I took enough time off studying and just went and enjoyed the city and the beautiful weather while it lasted. 

The first time I saw Alt-J live was this summer, at the Hurricane festival, it was pouring rain and almost midnight but it was simply unforgettable. The second time was some weeks ago and this time we could actually see something of the show. One of the best nights this year and definitely a sign to go to concerts more often.

More walks around the city, more discovering cute cafes and neighbourhoods and a perfect weekend spent at home. Seems like that's all my life is about right now but really, the hours and hours spent in the library and in front of my laptop are just not worth photographing...

It took some weeks but dorm life has definitely won me over. It's all about those (obligatory) elevator selfies, spontaneous Sunday morning pancake parties, late night tea sessions, weekly potluck dinners and simply just spending so much time together.

So here we go, The past weeks seemed to kind of flash by in a minute with so much happening, so much going on. And I have to say I enjoy every second of this busy time, after a laid-back (and sometimes quite boring) summer... I feel like this is how life is supposed to be: full of events, deadlines, parties, dinners, bike rides, presentations, gym sessions, fun, exams and every now and then an evening spent watching a good movie. I am so excited for everything that is to come!

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  1. how i wished i was in amsterdam yet.. everytime you post pictures i want to travel there so bad.. :-D