February 15, 2016


A while ago I we went to Zandvoort and after uploading the short video I made I totally forgot to post some photos I took that day as well. So here we go, a few weeks later, already missing the beach too much, I can't wait to be back as soon as possible.

The last weeks are so busy and packed, I rarely spent any time by myself. Finished my first semester, started the second one. We went skiing in France and it was one of the best weekends in a long time. I didn't take my camera and the lack of ANY wifi for 4 days was so SO relaxing. Besides that I have a lot of work to do, many readings, many essays but oh well, starting over with new courses and new people is fun and motivating. So excited for spring now, excited to cycle around the city again, without frozen hands but with my camera. 


  1. Lovely photos, especially love the cafe ones with the cosy lighting 😊😊

  2. ohh tolle bilder! strand ist immer gut <3 :D

  3. A weekend before I went away to Belfast, my boyfriend and me spent a couple of days off in a forest close to a sea. We didn't have any Wifi or Network service at all and it was the best days we ever had together. You can just focus on yourself and the people around you. I sadly realized how much I actually use and need my phone.. :-( Can't wait for spring either!

  4. Super schöner Blog! :) Uns würde es sehr freuen wenn du auch mal auf unserem Blog vorbei schauen würdest :


    Viele Grüße :)

  5. So ein schöner Post, ich verfolge deinen Blog schon Jahre und freue mich immer, was Neues lesen und sehen zu können hier. Ich hätte auch total Lust auf einen Daytrip :)