May 25, 2016


Portugal is already some weeks ago and every day I planned on posting about our journey and every day I just ended up not finding a single free minute in which I was still able to think straight. For the past days I basically moved into the library and the rare few hours I got at home could only be spent watching some (very, very undemanding) TV series. It took me 3 days to edit some few photos, 2 more to format the post and now the only thing left is writing. I figured since this is what I have been doing for the whole day already anyways a few more minutes won't be the problem anymore so here we go: a loong post about our time in Lisbon, to make up for all those post-free weeks.

My last time in Lisbon is many years ago (and yet there has been a post about it, here) but this time I fell in love with the city all over again. We stayed in a super nice hostel, perfectly located in the middle of one of the coolest neighbourhoods - and yes, a Lisbon city guide with all those details will follow soon as well - and before heading off to the south of Portugal we spent 2 perfect sunny days exploring all the different neighbourhoods, eating far too many Pasteis de Nata and taking an endless amount of photos. We climbed the Alfama up and down (and up and down again because we really needed to get on that famous tram ride and couldn't find the stop), we had home-made lemonade and amazing conversations in cute restaurants and accidentally found a free concert with undoubtedly the one of the best views over Lisbon. 

Pastel pink houses covered in pretty tiles, laid-back people, espressos for 60 cents and a feeling of summer for the first time in a long time (until it we arrived at the beach und it started raining) made our time in Lisbon pretty amazing and I can't wait to be back one day to spend a few days in the city before heading to another region of Portugal I haven't discovered yet. Now, with my finals week being almost over (only 1 more long long day in the library ahead of me) I'll hopefully find time to post a bit more frequently, tell you about the best places in Lisbon and show you a short video I filmed during the journey. Fingers crossed for everyone out there who has to face a few more exams and papers, it'll soon all be over. xx


  1. Richtig, richtig tolle Fotos meine liebe Clara! Ich drück dich <3

    1. danke gretaa!! ich dich auch! <3

  2. Oh Mann, da kriegt man ja Fernweh hoch tausend.
    Ein sehr schöner Post und ich hoffe deine Prüfungen sind alle gut verlaufen. ♥

  3. So wunderschön.
    Ich wünschte ich hätte jetzt Zeit meinen Koffer zu packen und wegzufahren.

    Alles Liebe