June 21, 2016


Being part of the Art Committee at my uni we spent the last months organising Scopophilia, our arts festival, which took place in the beautiful garden of Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam Noord. Working on the event was an incredibly intense experience and even though there were quite a few ups and downs (and maybe more downs than ups), all the work definitely paid off in the end. 

June 14, 2016



I think it's not necessary to tell you over and over again how much I liked Lisbon and what an amazing city it is and so on and so on. Just one thing: go go go, visit it, have a great time, safe a lot of money because it's cheap (I'm speaking of 10€ for a pretty good hostel bed and 9 for a perfect three-course-menu), it's laid-back, it's young and creative, and beautiful and busy and not too big but big enough. And so close to Europe's most beautiful beaches. And after booking your flights takes notes and follow this little guide around one of my favourite cities.