August 30, 2016


Weeks later I finally get to show you the photos I've taken in Spain. After travelling through the south of France for some days I arrived in San Sebastián - and couldn't believe I have never before been to this beautiful city.

I just arrived in San Sebastián and had walked through the city for about an hour when I heard some familiar music coming from a small square right next to the beach. The band playing there was "Radio Fanjul" which I had seen before on the streets of Barcelona exactly 2 years ago. Running into them on the other side of the country was such a nice coincidence that I went and talked to them and they even remembered me and my dad taking photos while they were playing in Poble Nou in Barcelona. Their new album was the soundtrack of some really nice summer BBQs.

It had already been almost 2 years since leaving Barcelona and it felt a little bit like coming home to Spain, the bars and plazas packed with happy people drinking their cervezas and eating the local "pintxos", the air mild, children running around the streets after midnight... I really did miss that and was so happy to spend one day in the city before heading to Zarautz to go surfing.

San Sebastián is beautiful, definitely worth a visit and perhaps the perfect (weekend) getaway for anyone who needs to feel some Spanish sun on their face, the fresh salty air coming from the Atlantic Ocean and a beautiful view on the city from the mountain right behind the old town. The Old Town is small and packed with tourists but somehow still much more charming than the Barrio Gótic in Barcelona, the two beaches on both sides of the mountains are perfect for a break after overdoing it with the pintxos for lunch and the atmosphere so wonderful I can't wait to be back one day.

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