January 24, 2015


Photos taken some weeks ago on a sunny sunday morning spent with a museum visit and a perfect coffee in the sunshine. After coming back from Barcelona I decided to give my hometown a second chance (it never really got me before going abroad) and so I started exploring some new neighbourhoods and try to see the city like a foreign and not like somebody who is so used to everything. I realised how different places can look like when you try to see them from a different perspective and how many things you miss when you tend to get used to things quickly. 

I am currently working a lot (A LOT) but tomorrow is the last day and I have planned to spend the upcoming week all dedicated to my vanishing creativity. I want to do some sketches that popped up in my head during the last weeks and take some photos I got inspired to. And really try to prepare some posts since.... there is a huge adventure coming up (which will prevent me from posting for several weeks)..!!


  1. Anonymous25/1/15 00:10

    tolle fotos :) <3

  2. Mir geht es genauso mit meiner Umgebung, seit ich im Ausland bin, beginne ich sie mit anderen Augen zu sehen und freue mich jetzt sogar schon auf die Plätze :)
    Tolle Fotos!

  3. huuuge adventure -- in einer woche sind wir schon da wuhu

  4. super schön :) mag düsseldorf so gern! weißt du mitlerweile schon wo du studieren magst?