April 14, 2015


If you spend some time in Greenpoint you will eventually end up having at least one drink or coffee at the Five Leaves. Let's say it is THE place to be if you're hip and young (or hip and not-so-young-anymore) and have enough money to go to fancy restaurants but not really enough because well, it's New York and everythings super expensive. ;) Anyways, the Five Leaves is both, cosy and rustic and probably one of the best places in the up-and-coming (polish) neighbourhood Greenpoint. It's always crowded with groups of friends, couples and families having their burgers and fries, hot soup or just a cup of tea on a grey and windy winter day or enjoy the spring sun with some delicious pancakes and orange juice  outside on the sidewalk (and ignoring - or trying to - the crowds waiting for a table). // If you ever come and visit New York don't make the mistake and skip Greenpoint just because Williamsburg is just around the corner. It has so much to offer and Five Leaves is just one of the many nice places scattered in the quiet and a bit industrial but still so charming neighbourhood.

Five Leaves  // 18 Bedford Ave. / Brooklyn


  1. So so toll! Nachdem ich das auf Instagram gelesen habe und jetzt auch auf deinem Blog, muss ich mir das echt merken! :)

  2. Beautiful location *-*