April 21, 2015


The last Saturday couldn't have been spent in a better way: the sun was out and it was super warm, (well, the kind of warm where everyone wears dresses and shorts and wonders why it's so cold in the shadow) and we took a friend who was visiting to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We wandered around the streets and ended up in the East River State Park where the huge Smorgasburg Foodmarket takes place every Saturday during summertime. We had some paninis and pizza before we came (and no, that was NOT planned it just happened to be like this, unfortunately) so we weren't really hungry but that probably saved us a lot of money considering the super high prices at the market. Still, it was so nice to enjoy the lively and summery atmosphere and watch all the people, who were exactly how you would expect Williamsburg people to look like. If you happen to be in New York during spring/summertime and want to experience the neighbourhood head to Bedford Avenue and then walk down to the park (from where you, btw, got an amazing view on the skyline of Manhattan, so plan to stay for sunset!!).

Click here for more information on Brooklyn Flea Market!


  1. It looks so nice *-*
    I love it :*


  2. Wirklich tolle Bilder <3 Ich w├╝rde auch gerne einfach mal so durch New York laufen.

  3. The photos are so nice!
    Very interesting to see all the people and I really love the
    last photo and the one with the shirt of the man „What is your flavor“!