April 29, 2015


Born and raised in New York Melissa Adames is a real local in the city, especially after moving to Upper Manhattan last year. I am meeting the 24 year old super stylish and nice blogger and instagrammer in SoHo where we get a delicious greek yogurt and cafe latte and sit down in the hidden backyard of Greecologies to chat about Melissas New York.

So, what is your earliest childhood memory in the city?
"My first vivid memory was probably coming to see the christmas tree. I was really young, in Middle School or so. It’s so nice here around christmas time.

Your favourite season in New York?
I think lately it’s been summer, probably since I moved here. It’s such a difference. During summertime everyone is out, the days feel longer, it’s so much lighter. Of course, it’s sooo hot, you just wanna be outside all the time. To escape the heat I love going to parks and just like everyone else I like being outside.

Melissa, who studied advertising and marketing communications at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC) before switching to law now lives with her two room mates on the Upper East Side. On her instagram @lulamelissa she posts photos of her outfits, favourite cafes and restaurants to go to, views of beautiful neighbourhoods and all those other little things in life that inspire her. Knowing her way around the city she tells me her personal hotspots.

The best place to brunch, that’s so hard to chose… The most recent one I really liked was in Williamsburg, Cafe Magador (Note: See below for more information), which is mediterranean style and super good. When I meet friends to catch up I prefer going to coffee shops. There are so many in the city but Bluestone Lane coffee is one of my favourites and another one is Happy Bones, just around the corner. For Dinner I love romantic places. There is this restaurant called The Park which is by the Highline in Chelsea. It’s so beautiful, it feels like you are outside but it’s still inclosed. My favourite bookstore is in Chelsea as well, it’s called Printed Matter books, they have a lot of art books there. One Ninety Two Books is really good, too.

So much to do in the city but sometimes, on those rainy days, everyone just likes to stay in. But what if you feel like going stir-crazy and need to go outside?
I love to go to yoga classes. There is this place called Yoga To The People, which has several studios around the city, it’s really convenient, really cheap. (Note: I also tried that one out, it’s definitely worth it, especially when you feel like meeting other people and doing something active which wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket!)

So many neighbourhoods in New York, so many places to go shopping. What would be your favourite area to stock up your wardrobe?
SoHo, without doubt! I love to go to Topshop, Urban Outfitters and Madewell. Those are my favourites.

When you have friends who come and visit you from outside the city, where do you take them?
I try to do a little bit of everything with them, I would probably go to the Highline, Brooklyn Bridge, then just go to a good brunch spot or take them shopping. The Brooklyn Flea is also really good, especially during summertime when it’s outside, right by the water.

What about your favourite neighbourhood?
If I could chose where to live I’d chose Williamsburg, realistically… or West Village, ideally, but it’s suuuuper expensive.

Where do you go if you want to get out of the city?
There are many beaches, I would probably go to one on Long Island. This summer though I am planning to go to Rockaway Beach in Brooklyn, haven’t been there yet. Or the one on Coney Island, you have a nice boardwalk and everything…"

We keep on chatting about this and that for a while before heading to Nolita, where we wander around all the pretty streets and discover some nice boutiques (and there are LOTS in Nolita!). Finding a perfect pair of summer shoes and taking photos of our outfits and all those cherry blossom trees in the streets and backyards make the perfect ending to this wonderful Sunday spent in SoHo. Thank you so much, Melissa, for taking the time to meet me and I hope to see you again, soon, either in New York or Germany, or anywhere else!

Melissas Hotspots:

Cafe Magador // 133 Wythe Avenue / Brooklyn 
Bluestone Lane Coffee // 805 3rd Avenue / Midtown East & Other Locations
Happy Bones // 394 Broome Street / Little Italy
The Park // 118 10th Avenue / Chelsea
Printed Matter // 195 10th Avenue / Chelsea
One Ninety Two Books // 192 10th Avenue at 21st Street / Chelsea
Yoga To The People // several locations
We met at Greecologies // 379 Broome Street, SoHo

You can find Melissa on her instagram @lulamelissa!

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  1. Oh, so ein toller Post!
    Ich verfolge sie schon länger auf Instagram und bin richtig begeistert von ihren Fotos.
    Dasselbe gilt auch für dich, liebe Clara. ;)