April 26, 2015


Sitting at the airport waiting my flight home I just found these photos I took in the cafe and lunch restaurant The Butchers Daughter in SoHo. I actually haven’t had planned to do a whole post about this place since it is not only really good but also REALLY expensive but I like the photos a lot and the interior design in the cafe is totally worth a post. So here we go, presenting The Butchers Daughter, a place all about delicious fresh pressed juices and smoothies, vegetarian and vegan snacks and meals and reeeeally good coffee in the super cool and popular neighbourhood SoHo. Just make sure to bring some extra money and don’t be surprised to pay all of it. Let’s say if you’ve been drinking Dunkin Donuts coffee for days now it’s worth going to treat yourself a bit. Also, as you can see in the photos (and that’s the reason I posted them), it is such a nice place to spend some time, take photos, meet friends. 

The Butchers Daughter / 19, Kenmare Street

I love the design and decorations, it’s so clean and cosy at the same time and you just feel comfortable. It also inspires me a lot how to redecorate my room and my first own place when I move out this fall. Actually, interior design inspiration is one of my BIG weaknesses and if you're interested to see more of it take a look at my interior-tagged tumblr posts!

I am home now but still got some more NY-posts (or at least one more) prepared and there is also the first part of a new project coming up! I am recently super motivated and want to spend a lot time on my blog and I am so happy about every single comment and reaction I receive from you. Realising that there are actually people interested in what I spend so much time on makes me keep going. Thank you all so much! 

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  1. Erstmal unglaublich schöne Bilder! Das Café ist sieht so toll aus und mit vegetarischen und veganem essen kann man mein Herz sowieso gewinnen. Deine Bilder und die Beschreibungen machen immer so viel Lust auf Reisen! :)