August 16, 2015


Having your Mom over for the weekend means finally something for lunch that isn't cornflakes with peanutbutter. And if you're really lucky she'll take you out to one of your favourite places to eat. 

We spent a Saturday in the city centre and came by Buffet Van Odette, knowing already that it would be perfect for a lunchbreak since we've been here a couple of times before. It seriously is one of the nicest places that I've been to in Amsterdam, starting from the beautiful interior (oh yes, black and white and tiles and furniture to absolutely fall for!) right through to an amazing menu that you just can't resist when you're a breakfast / brunch person as I am. 

We chose a plate from the salad buffet (beetroot, lentils, eggplant topped with hummus) and a super tasty combo of smoked salmon, a poached egg and some fresh greens. Okay, Buffet Van Odette might not make it on my list with budget hotspots but if you want to end your weekend trip to Amsterdam with a fancy brunch then this is the place you should head to. The outside seating is just as beautiful as the interior design and sitting on the sidewalk watching the boats passing by on the famous Prinsengracht will make your Amsterdam experience complete.

Bit by bit I will explore my new city and Buffet Van Odette is just the great beginning of a series of places that will make you want to visit Amsterdam straight away. Or move here immediately. 

Buffet Van Odette / Prinsengracht 598


  1. The place and food looks great! :)

    Nina xx

  2. Sieht echt toll aus! Wird auch noch irgendwann ein City Guide kommen? Nach Amsterdam würde ich nämlich auch total gerne mal. :)

    xx Lisa

    1. ja ich denk das dauert aber noch was, ich mach erstmal eine zeit lang einzelne posts. muss auch dafür noch ein bisschen mehr hier unternehmen und ausprobieren :D
      liebe grüße

  3. You are my inspiration ! I love your photos :)

  4. du bist immer an so schönen Orten!