August 12, 2015


I haven't posted in a while, that is because the last weeks where so packed and super busy and also I am still missing on Wifi so I am writing this in my local (internet) cafe. I have moved to Amsterdam almost 2 weeks ago and as I mentioned in my last post moving out of my old room (and home) was quite a challenge but somehow I made it. 

The café next to my apartment (and just across the street from my university) is where I spent quite a bit of time, after moving and unpacking all the boxes I needed more than one Mint-Tea-and-Instagram-break. I changed from mint tea to iced coffee a few days later due to long nights and weird super humid temperatures. Dutch weather...

Also, I went camping in Den Haag for a couple of days. It was a perfect getaway, just what I needed. The weather was amazing and all I was doing was sunbathing, enjoying the ice cold north sea and - obviously - eating lots and lots of Hagelslag on Vla. In the end, this is what dutch camping is all about.

I still got to sort some things out and organise this and that but I see my To-Do list shrinking and am slowly getting used to a new home, a new city and so SO many new people. I think this is the best thing after all, getting to know people from literally ALL over the world, playing card games until late at night and discovering the neighbourhood together.

Even though having no Wifi in my apartment is kind of an interesting experience (one which is using up LOTS of my 3G mobile data....) I can't wait to post more and listen to some good Spotify playlists. But until then the cafe will be my second living room.


  1. I'm looking forward to see photos from Holland! :) And Den Haag is such a beautiful city :)))

  2. wooow . I'm sooo jealous . i love Amsterdam ..
    where are you living .?
    sry for being so curious but what are you studying in Amsterdam
    and why did you choose Amsterdam .?
    I would like to study/live there too :)

    love sarah

    1. send me an email and I'll take some time explaining it to you :D

  3. ich bin so in deinen Blog verliebt :O

  4. Great post!!

    Nina xx

  5. du hast nen sehr schönen blog und hammer bilder :)