September 21, 2015


When you're wearing all black and the weather matches your outfit you know it's too late to dream of days by the lake, watermelon and long summer nights. Fall is here and the Dutch weather has taken over so we can officially go back to All Black without feeling guilty not wearing any colours right?

Okay yes I have to admit my outfit is a bit pessimistic but I actually spent some hours of the weekend  getting sun burnt while sitting outside a cafe wearing a top. Only because the Dutch weather might not be the most stable one (it's basically April weather all year long) doesn't mean we don't have some late September sun making us forget the 10 degrees and rain 24 hours earlier... Cycling everywhere you should never EVER forget a scarf and/or rain coat but neither should you forget your sunnies because, you never know! 

Also, if you're as stuck with your readings and assignments as I am this song might make brighten up your day a bit. I suggest: take a break, eat peanut butter, put on music and dance around your room. Or the park if the weather isn't too Dutch. I can assure you you'll concentrate better afterwards. I speak from personal experience. And with that I'm back to logical fallacies and complex argument trees. How fun.

Photo credits go to Maggi, thanks girll!

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  1. Girl I love your style and the song is great.

    btw your blog design is gorgeous. Its one of the best, I've ever seen. Can you tell me, how you put the "continue reading" button into the layout??

    Mary from