September 17, 2015


Having a friend over for the weekend makes not-studying for a while reasonable so instead of hitting the books (and procrastinating) I spent a perfect Saturday in Jordaan which is really one of my favourite neighbourhoods.

We started off at the Noordermarkt, which is a great Vintage market every Monday and an organic food heaven on Saturdays. Thanks to all the plates with samples we tried and tested almost everything from delicious Dutch cheese, spinach quiche, the best pesto ever to cannoli and fresh Poffertjes. Afterwards we spent some hours wandering around the streets and ended in a cafe/restaurant/pub on the Westerstraat, De Blaffende Vis, which is perfect for drinking an Espresso while watching the people passing by, catching up and enjoying the lively atmosphere.

Apart from this nice and relaxing weekend I am spending most of my time reading, working and studying now, which I mostly enjoy but then again sometimes it's just too much. So glad my gym is not more than 300 metres away from home, it really helps me to just not think for a while and stay on track. Food and fitness posts are in preparationnnn!! 

PS seriously this remix is the most beautiful thing eveeeer!! Well almost, there are still the Lost Frequencies tracks, they just can't be beaten right.


  1. I just like how almost everywhere are the bikes :D! I'm busy with studiyng too and hate it, so hope you will have more time to relax ;).

  2. Hey! I just saw what you wrote about Coffe and Coconuts! Sound lovely.
    I am a german Intern in Amsterdam and will definitely check out this place.