September 01, 2015


I have a weakness for hip and hyped cafés (suprise surprise) so I obviously had to try out CT Coffee and Coconuts, which is definitely one of the most featured Amsterdam-hotspots in the blogger world. And it was so worth it!

Tropical themed with lots of bamboo, palm trees and natural materials and located in an old theatre, the Ceintur Theater, Coffee and Coconuts is the place where you can sit for hours and hours, watch those stylish Amsterdammers drinking their amazingly good coffees while typing into their Macbooks. The location itself is super nice, with high ceilings and a loooot of space and next to coffee varities they also offer breakfast/brunch, lunch and dinner options for not-too-bad prices. 

I am planning another a bit more personal post and also I am thinking of preparing a series about food. Sounds a bit random since I have never posted any recipes for about 5 years but for the past months I became quite passionate about food and health and all this stuff and  there might be some of you (hello, all you Freshers desperately trying to prevent famous Freshmen 15....) interested in it too so why not giving it a try. 

CT Coffee & Coconuts / Ceintuurbaan 282-284


  1. Oh das sieht ja richtig gut aus dort. Solche Plätze ziehen mich auch immer
    total an und ich bin dauern auf der suche nach schönen Cafes, die etwas ausgefallenere
    Auswahl haben!

  2. Wie traumhaft! Das will ich in Berlin bitte auch :)