September 08, 2015


Another life update since I haven't been able to prepare any proper posts during the last week. Uni life has officially started so a bit about what's been going on the past weeks.

Having my mom over for a weekend was great, we were cruising around my neighbourhood and spend a lot time shopping, eating and visiting museums. My bike is my new love, I can't believe how fast I am everywhere so all I was doing for a couple of nice summer days was exploring the city.

My in my cute little home (and a pretty classy outfit). I love my apartment so much, I never thought I would feel so comfortable in something that is so close to a dorm room. But here we go, me, the proud owner of a studio apartment (yess my dormroom/kitchen/all-in-one is almost big enough to be called loft. almost.) and proud owner of a second hand Burberry's. Uh yes.

New city new friends and too many new places to explore. The one above is Anna & Nina, a cute concept store in the centre, I'd say interior on point.

Oh and many many new restaurants. Actually, I knew this one before but it will always be one of my favourites in Amsterdam. Posted about "Buffett Van Odette" before so keep scrolling if you fancy a perfect brunch in Amsterdam.

Intro weekend was loooots of fun, how couldn't it be. 3 days of enjoying the sun and socialising and dancing in matching jumpers. Cheers to Class Of 2018! But the best thing about the weekend, to be honest, was my own shower, fresh clothes and a cup of tea after coming back.

Coffee and Coconuts, one more hip cafe in my beautiful city. Also featured in a previous post.

Blogger reunion at its best. Malina was in Amsterdam for a couple of days so we met for some nice sandwiches and a stroll along the canals. Also, I'm a bit jealous, she recently had a huge blog make-over and her blog looks so cool now you sure don't want to miss it:
And then Uni started. Semester one, here we go. Writing this, I already held my first presentation and I'm about to send in my first assessment. Oh yes it's intense. But then again, SO interesting! Pretty excited about what is coming up.

That's it for now. As I said before I'm planning to post a bit about food and fitness and that kind of stuff. I am super motivated to get super sporty this year, preventing Freshmen 15 here, and I thought some of you might be interested in all this kind of stuff as well. We'll see. Xx


  1. perfect impressions! amazinggggg ♥

    xoxo, laura :*

  2. Sehr schöne Eindrücke :) Ich stelle es mir total schön vor, in Amsterdam zu wohnen. :) Darf ich fragen was du studierst?
    Liebe Grüße,
    Maybrit von Kopfchaos

  3. What do you study? :)

  4. Genieße deine Zeit !!!! Mami

  5. Amazing photos , I love yours posts ! ;)

  6. hey =)
    Wirklich schöne Eindrücke! Und tolle Fotos =) Ich mag die Farben der Bilder sehr =)