December 13, 2015


The time has come: I can officially wear my favourite sweater without feeling guilty because it's not wintery enough yet. But now it definitely is. A few more days and a few more assignments and I am going back home for Christmas. 

And thanks to Daniel Wellington for my new watch, with which my sweater gets a great companion and I can keep up my German values and always be on time. Also, using the code CocoMathilde you get a 15% discount on all Daniel Wellington products until January 15, so don't miss your chance and make your wrist look as classy as mine.

Oh and a shoutout to Leila for being so patient taking the photos, until I was more or less satisfied and our fingers so cold that we needed a 2 hours coffee break in my favourite café to warm up.

Besides these rare breaks I spend most of my time in the library and uni right now, either working on a ridiculous amount of finals or dancing to All I want for Christmas at my uni's Winter Formal. It was a great night full of super nicely dressed people, white wine and a great christmassy atmosphere. And now it's only one week to go!!


  1. pulli und mantel harmonieren farblich ganz wunderbar <3 gefällt mir sehr!

    liebe grüße :) amelie
    the curly head

  2. Wunderbar, gefällt mir! :)

    Allerliebste Grüße,

  3. Ein wahnsinnig toller Look! Perfekt zum einkuscheln im Winter - wenn er sich denn mal wirklich blicken lässt! :)

    Bisous aus Berlin, deine Patricia
    THEVOGUEVOYAGE by Patricia Sophie