December 18, 2015


After having our last assignments on Wednesday we thought it was about time to get out of Amsterdam and explore some other parts of the Netherlands. Considering it's only 20 mins and - when travelling with a Dutchie 4€ - to go there we decided that our first destination would be Utrecht.

It turned out to be a wonderful warm and sunny day spent with hours and hours of walking up and down the main canal, sitting outside a café enjoying the sun, going on a Christmas present hunt (not so successful) and ending up eating delicious veggie burgers on a bench by a small canal, watching the christmas lights. Everything was just perfect.

Heading home tomorrow, can't wait for 2 weeks without doing anything, without the constant thought of how long my to do list or when the next deadline is, just watching movies, baking christmas cookies and catching up with old friends. It's been a while.

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  1. Perfect pictures :) I never heard of this town, I would definitely venture out of Amsterdam if I ever visit for a few days.
    xoxo, S
    Sara in LDN
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