May 20, 2015



My brother just finished editing a little video about our time in NYC. (Make sure to change the settings to HD quality, it is really so much better than with the poor quality!!) I think it turned out super cool, I love the music and the shots and it shows pretty well how we experienced New York. Watching it I just want to leave again and travel, travel, travel...  

May 13, 2015


In letzter Zeit gibt es mehr und mehr Outfit Posts auf meinem Blog, Fotos, bei denen nichts weiter als ein paar kombinierte Kleidungsstücke zu sehen sind und das har mich ein bisschen zum Nachdenken und jetzt auch zum Schreiben dieses Posts gebracht. 

Ich habe in den letzten Jahren nach und nach mein Kaufverhalten ganz schön verändert (und bin trotzdem noch längst nicht da, wo ich mal sein will). Früher bin ich regelmäßig zum Shoppen in die Stadt gegangen, einfach, weil ich Lust hatte, oder Langeweile, oder Geburtstagsgeld übrig, oder so. Ich habe geguckt, ob ich was finde was mir gefällt und wenn es nicht so teuer war und auch ganz hübsch, dann hab ich es einfach gekauft. Das Teil hatte ich dann 2, 3 mal an, dann wanderte es im Stapel immer weiter nach unten, aber egal, war ja auch nicht so teuer. Mit der Zeit entwickelte sich in mir aber etwas, was auch erst mit dem Alter kommen kann, oder mit Reife, oder Erfahrung, oder den unzähligen abschreckenden Filmen, die in der Schule die Leute zum umdenken bewegen sollten. (Hat auch immer ganz gut funktioniert und für die ersten 30 Minuten nach Filmende angedauert, wurde dann aber oft ziemlich schnell vergessen. Nein, verdrängt.) Das was sich bei mir entwickelt hat ist Bewusstsein und mittlerweile ist es für mich zu einem der wichtigsten Werte im Leben geworden.

May 11, 2015



Easy to see that these photos are taken right where the latest outfit post was taken but this time it's not me but my friend Lea (@distinctual) who totally rocks these anthracite coloured flared pants. Lately I also really have been enjoying playing around with the layouts of the posts, keeping it clean and minimalistic but still it's a bit different to older posts. It's not a big change but I have to stick to constantly progressing on my blog.

Lea and me spent some time discovering new places in Duesseldorf and also visited a friend who is studying in Amsterdam so there are more posts planned! Xx

May 06, 2015


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Spending almost a month in New York I got to know the city quite a bit. Of course I have only seen a tiny part of the whole but I like to walk around a lot and try out many different places so I feel like I am able to give you a list of my personal hotspots, places you might like as well. So here we go, enjoy your trip to this amazing, amazing city (or if you're still dreaming about going  - or returning -enjoy the thought of you being there one day!) Xx

Mexican Food 

As mentioned in one of my first NY posts Tacombi is THE place to have Mexican food: the design is simply great, the ambience is lively and fun and the tacos are sooo delicioso. They have various locations over the city (one of their cool vans is located in the great Gansevoort Market in Chelsea!) but I have only been to the two below, which I can both highly recommend, though.
Tacombi at Fonda Nolita // 30 West 24th Street, SoHo
Gansevoort Market // 52 Gansevoort Street, Chelsea

Lunch and Bakery

A cute french bakery serving everything from clean and veggie lunch options to reeeally good coffee, brownies and quiches. I loved the interior and it's a very cosy place especially on a rainy day. Kind of the place to be for hip asians taking selfies with their lattes though. ;)
Maman // 239 Centre Street, SoHo

Cafe, Bar, Restaurant

Also mentioned in a special post before this is the place to be in the up and coming polish neighbourhood Greenpoint. They have delicious, (kind of) affordable and really extraordinary dishes and also serve great coffee, cocktails etc. Best around early evenings but always expect to wait 10 to 30 minutes. It's worth the walk to the park nearby and back!
Five Leaves  // 18 Bedford Avenue, Greenpoint, Brooklyn


In a typical old diner this "Diner" is almost a bit too hip and cool but still a great place to have lunch. It's super crowded and lively, packed with stylish looking people eating amazing pancakes for lunch, or burger, or something super clean and healthy, kale, poached eggs. The tiles are broken and the tables look like they are 50 years old but I guess that's what we all want right? 
Diner // 85 Broadway, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Italian Brunch spot and wine bar

Ok yes they had marble tables. And super fancy Italian ladies sipping prosecco along with their french toasts. And cinnamon rolls that cost more than a whole breakfast anywhere else. But one thing is for sure: we had the BEST BRUNCH EVER and it was worth every cent. The atmosphere was perfect, lively, cosy and just what you expect a saturday morning to be like. The staff was excellent and the hot chocolate molto delizioso! This is for sure one of the best places to go for an amazing brunch (haven't tried the wine but I guess the place is as crowded in the evenings as it is around 11 am!)
Tarallucci E Vino // 475 Columbus Ave, Upper West Side (and more locations)

Coffee and Bakery

It's not that I have testes every single coffee shop in the city but I did have tried a few and this one is my favourite one (in it's location in Greenwich Village). Neighbours popping in for a coffee, chatting, working, reading... and really nice staff. It's tiny but super cosy, a hip brick wall on the one, a huge window front on the other side. Serving delicious iced cafe latte and even more delicious oatmeal cookies this place was where I spent quite a bit time. 
Jacks Stir Brew // 138 West 10th Street, Greenwich Village (they have more locations but I have only been to this one),

Juice Bar and Cafe

Another place I have posted about before (click here). A super stylish cafe and lunch place with delicios smoothies, sandwiches and vegan/gluten free etc. stuff, a bit too pricey though. But still, if it's within your budget it's worth a visit, I mean, think about all the perfect instagram photos you'll be able to post. ;)
The Butchers Daughter / 19, Kenmare Street

Cafe and Greek Yogurt Lab

A very clean and minimalistic cafe in SoHo, featuring super organic and natural greek Yogurt with all sorts of toppings and (even better) a nice shady backyard with a huge table and enough space to work, read, sketch... Also a pricey one, but then again, what isn't pricey in New York?
Greecologies // 379, Broome Street, SoHO

Deli and Cafe

One of the reaaaally good delis (gourmet food stores) in the city and apparently they also have a cafe, which I haven't been to. It's a whole century old and super chic and the visit itself is a nice experience. The dried fruit are probably one of the best takeaway snacks you'll get in Downtown.
Russ and Daughters // 179 East Houston Street, SoHo


There is not a lot I can say about the Guggenheim. It's a must (next to the Met and Moma). And it's worth it. (Even though I liked the design/building better than the exhibitionss but still, so so cool!) Try to come as early as possible to avoid queueing for hours. Best is probably around 9:45, it opens at 10 and then the crowds are arriving.
Guggenheim Museum // 1071 Fifth Avenue (at 89th Street), Upper East Side


Gallery hopping in Chelsea is a great thing to do if you feel like you need some more art and culture and have already visited the classics (Met, Moma, Guggenheim...) It's also a great thing if you tend to wear all black, look a bit artsy and like to meet more of your kind. ;) There are soooo many galleries but luckily they have a map with all of them listed (see link below). I have only been to a few but I really liked the David Zwirner Gallery at 19th street.


Seriously, this was one of my absolute FAVOURITE places in New York. Especially around Spring time it is soooo idyllic and beautiful it's almost unreal and you can spend hours wandering through the park, relaxing on one of the big meadows or do it like all the Japanese taking selfies in front of the cherry blossom trees. Save money and come on a Tuesday when it's free admission (and more crowded but that's not a big deal, still such a peaceful place!).
Brooklyn Botanical Garden // Prospect Heights, Brooklyn


Another one of those must do's and another one of those places I have posted about before (click here). On a sunny day it's probably one of the best places to go if you want to soak up some sun, go for a walk but can't get out of Downtown. That's probably why EVERYONE is there, going for a run is probably not a good idea after 10 am in the morning. But still a great place to go and you can see a lot of the city looking down on Chelsea's streets.
Highline // Chelsea

May 04, 2015



Oh hello, something really unusual today but my friend Lea (@distinctual) and me actually got to take some photos in front of this super cool (and outfit-matching) house front when we met up last week. So a big thanks to her for some photos of me I quite like, and yes that's a really really exceptional thing. I just still don't know how to behave in front of a camera and I feel much more comfortable behind it but I guess I'm getting a bit better. My outfit basically consists of what I am wearing all spring long, it's too cold without a woollen coat but I am sooo excited for early summer that I need some light and pastel colours. It's not easy though to keep my fingers off my grey sweaters and put on something that actually has a little bit of colour. 

SO SOON there is gonna be my personal NYC guide up on the blog so be prepared! :D

Weil der Text nicht so lang ist und ich Zeit und Lust hab jetzt das ganze auch nochmal in Deutsch; bin mir immer noch nicht ganz sicher wie ich das in Zukunft machen will, mit dem Schreiben und so, dieses "mal so mal so" verwirrt doch irgendwie.

Jedenfalls, mal was ganz untypisches, richtige Outfitphotos von mir, wow. Lea (@distinctual) und ich hatten uns letzte Woche getroffen und da war dieses tolle Schaufenster und ich dachte, hey, zur Abwechslung hast du mal nicht deine graue-Jeans-graues-Sweatshirt-Combo an also mach doch mal Fotos. Ich bin wirklich nicht so dafür geeignet vor der Kamera zu stehen, weiß einfach nicht was ich dann machen soll. Aber danke Lea, das hast du ganz gut hinbekommen. Ich denke, ich bleib trotzdem eher hinter der Kamera. :) Was ich anhabe find ich eigentlich super für den Frühling, würde zwar ganz gern meinen Wollmantel im Schrank lassen aber ohne geht dann doch nicht, vor allem wenn ich Fahrrad fahren muss, dann ist es schnell recht kalt. Also egal, dazu einfach ein paar helle Farben, und schön viel weiß, creme, beige... Mehr muss aber dann doch nicht sein, fühle mich einfach nicht wohl in knalligen Farben. Deshalb verkauf ich auch ein paar Sachen auf meinem Kleiderkreisel, also guckt mal rein! 

UND bald kommt noch ein super exklusiver persönlicher New York Guide, macht euch bereit!