January 25, 2016


Okay yes, the houses along the canals are for sure the most photographed ones in Amsterdam but I just couldn't resist walking around like a crazy tourist with my camera, taking photos of every pretty corner we passed by. The light was beautiful and the temperatures suddenly so mild that it felt a little bit like we skipped February and March and went straight forward to April.

Obviously it was back to all foggy and misty the next day but that's okay for a Sunday spent cleaning, reading and cooking. Saturdays are for exploring and after I had a long breakfast in bed we took our bikes and cycled towards Amsterdam West, had a coffee outside the Breakfast Club and before we headed to the Huis Marseille - by far the best photography museum in the city - we walked along the Keizersgracht for a bit. On days like these which make me feel like you're trapped in some romantic indie movie I can't believe I'm that lucky living in this beautiful city. So yes, I simply had to run around the streets, excited like a little child with my camera in front of my eyes, trying to capture everything while following my friends who were walking some hundred metres in front of me. I'm so excited for spring and can't wait to spend a lot more time exploring Amsterdam.


  1. Amazing photos ! I love this post ! ;)

  2. Sehr schöne Momentaufnahmen!

  3. ha spinner! :D find deine Aufnahmen genau so schön. Ist auch spannend, dieselbe Stadt in 'nem anderen Stil fotografiert zu sehen! :)


  4. Ahh wie schön! Meiner Kamera und mir würde es genauso gehen, hundertprozentig Touri :D
    Liebste Grüße, s e l i n ☺

  5. Freue mich auch auf den Frühling in Amsterdam! LG Mami

  6. schoene bilder !

  7. Wirklich bezaubernde Eindrücke von Amsterdam!

    Liebe Grüße, Paula