January 23, 2016


It's been a while since I last gave an update about what's been going on in my life and I kind of liked those personal posts so here we go. Christmas break was just beautiful and apart from the never ending ice cold rain Amsterdam has been drowning in the last weeks were pretty awesome as well.

When I was younger food and presents and a lot of time to watch movies were definitely some of the best things about winter break but this has kind of changed and I can't tell how nice it was to catch up with old friends as soon as I went back to Germany. Knowing I have these people in my life makes me so so happy.

I went to Berlin for some days to celebrate New Years Eve, walk around the neighbourhoods, enjoy some beautiful sunny afternoons, do cultural stuff, take many many photo booth photos and eat the best pasta salad you can imagine.

I just love this city so much, I know it's such a cliché but I can't help it. I hope I can go back one day and spend a little more time getting to know all the neighbourhoods.

Spending some time at home was so good as well, I went for walks in the woods, watched TV series with my family, met my little cousins and just has such a relaxing and good time. After all those days and days of studying and running from one event to another being bored was actually so nice.

Back in Amsterdam I started working on a new little project for the blog, trying out recipes with my friend Peppi. We did spend quite a while on those vegan cinnamon rolls but it was definitely worth it and I'll post the recipe soon.

We also spent a day in Zandvoort at the beach and had such a wonderful time. It was cold and windy and our hands were freezing a little bit but still, I enjoyed being by the seaside so much and hope to make this happen more often. After all, it's less than and hour to go there..

We also tried out another recipe, which I recently posted on the blog, a spicy sweet potato soup and oh man, best meal I had in quite a while. So perfect, especially when having to warm up after long walks in our nearby park, where I by the way, discovered an awesome outdoor swimming pool making the waiting for summer even harder.

There was so so much more happening during the last weeks - so many dinners with amazing people, and such great museum visits and lunch breaks spent in the café next to our uni, sitting by the huge windows enjoying the sun. Late night bike rides where I was so glad I took mittens to keep my fingers from freezing and suddenly the cold didn't bother me anymore. And concerts in one of our dorm common rooms after which we don't even have to leave the building to go home. And so much more. After all those famous "blue mondays" weren't that bad actually and even though I'm SO looking forward to the time when I can cycle through Amsterdam in t-shirt and shorts I enjoy this cosy time quite a lot.


  1. wow, so schöne eindrücke. ich war letztens das erste mal in deiner Stadt und hab mich echt verliebt, so viele schöne cafés und kleine gassen :)