March 12, 2016


Cosi is here in Amsterdam for the weekend and the weather couldn't have been any better on Thursday. It's still quite cold but super sunny and we cycled along the canals and enjoyed a beautiful afternoon in the city centre.

Sometimes I don't get to leave the campus for 4, 5 or even more days and then it's not difficult to forget in what a beautiful city I get to live in. Luckily having visitors prevents this from happening and with Cosi being here I finally have a proper reason to spend a whole afternoon far far away from the campus and dorms and my everyday life, sitting on a terrace in the sun, buying birthday presents, walking and taking photos, and simply enjoying the time we have together. 

The amount of assignments and the length of my to do list both only seem to increase every day and I am so incredibly busy at the moment, I barely get a minute for myself, let alone enough time to properly and regularly do my groceries. But on the other hand I enjoy being so energised and charged up all the time, it just feels so good to be productive, to learn, to work so hard and then in the end of the day to go for a run and just feel so so proud and happy.

I never thought being stressed could feel so good but it actually does. I think it's those fun dinner parties, walks in the park, coffees in the sun and tea sessions in between that turn the stress into something so positive. 

Photos are taken by both Cosi and me.


  1. Those pictures are so great! I love to see the shining sun :)

  2. I have to agree, the pictures are lovely! Amsterdam is just so beautiful and you can be really happy living there. :) I know the feeling about being stressed all the time, but if it's stress in a good way as you wrote, no worries!
    Wish you a great sunday, Maike xx