March 21, 2016


When Cosi was here we spent a wonderful sunny Saturday in the 9 Straatjes district, wandering around, having baguette and hummus sitting in the sun by a canal and taking far too many photos. The weather was so beautiful and the colours so nice that I'm getting more and more excited for summer to come.

March is such a strange month, it seems so indecisive, some days are like a sneek preview for summer, all bright and happy and warm and I get a bit too optimistic thinking it might just go on like this and then the next day is like a sudden flashback to November, grey, windy and dull. But oh well, I guess after all this means we're halfway through the semester and I'm so so so excited for the second half. I just can't wait to be able to go running in shorts, and to cycle around in a shirt, study outside in the park and go out without having to worry how many layers will be enough not to freeze on the way to the bars. 


  1. Immer wieder schön und die Lieder wandern meistens direkt in meine Favouritenliste bei Soundcloud :)