July 05, 2016


A few weeks ago I had the incredible chance to photograph back- and frontstage at the ATELIER SHOW of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. I cannot describe how much I enjoyed this, running around between the people, capturing these moments of excitement and fear, curiousness and tension, observing all the people rushing around getting ready for the show. I can finally show you my favourite photos, and yes, it's a lot. Photographing real models is super fun, and backstage even more.

The first runway photo shows a design of my friend Nathalie, who now finished her second year at AMFI and I am super super proud of her. Can't believe how far she has come in the last two years! This time last year I helped her out on her project Kidult, which I also posted about, the progress she has made is incredible. 

A few more posts are planned, including a small London guide and some photos I've taken there this weekend so fingers crossed my motivation to run this blog stays for a little while. Not sure about that though, I really feel like something has to change, maybe a new layout, concept or whole new website. We'll see... 

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