July 11, 2016


One last exam and I was officially done with my second semester and off visiting friends in England (yes, the Brexit was the No.-1-topic of discussion and yes, everything was cheap). I had an amazing week in Brighton and the English countryside, going on long walks, napping and watching old movies, baking shortbread and generally not doing a lot due to our end-of-the-year-exhaustion. And then I took the train to London, walked 18 km three days in a row, explored approx. every street in the city and had the best time. 

Obviously I took my camera along every day and obviously I only used it on one of them but I still managed to put together a small post about the Borough Market and the Brick Lane. The light was beautiful, the temperatures perfectly city-trip-approved (not so hot but warm enough) and my feet still hurt from walking all around Camden, SoHo, Whitechapel, Fitzrovia... My last time in London was several years ago and I remembered the city to be extremely huge and grey and massive but really, being able to walk everywhere it seemed so much smaller then expected, perfect for a long weekend and obviously even better for another trip very soon. A small city guide featuring some nice cafés and must-sees is also in preparation and will soon be up!


  1. Beautiful photos!! Which program do you use to edit them? :)

    Nina xx

  2. Richtig richtig toll!!

    Ich mache gerade eine Weltreise und gerade sind wir in Peru in den Bergen angekommen.
    Schaue doch mal vorbei ich freue mich sehr.
    Liebe Grüße Laura <3