July 16, 2016


Same festival, different year. Once again I spent a beautiful sunny Saturday at the Open Source Festival in Düsseldorf. So here we go, a few photos and a small review of this year's edition of Düsseldorf's very own festival. 

Being able to cycle there makes going the one-day-festival inevitable and again the weather caused a wonderful sunny day spent wandering around the different stages, listening and dancing to Get Well Soon, Hot Chip and other indie-ish bands, eating fresh Turkish pizza and fancy frozen yogurt and drinking (admittedly unreasonably overpriced) iced coffee from our local coffeehouse chain. 

After all it's Düsseldorf and festivals in this city are just not your average wellies-and-cheap-beer kind of festival. They are set on a racecourse and the stages built on the super-clean and almost-white pebbles are overlooking race- and the nearby golf course, new-mown lush green lawns and a massive white tribune. But of course, this posh-seeming appearance doesn't stop Düsseldorfers from showing up in the mandatory DIY cut-offs and canvas bags, crotched crop tops and floral crowns - glitter tattoos optional.

And yet, despite the quite fancy upgrade we already knew to expect from last year we had a super great time at the festival, laying on picnic blankets while listening to the bands, enjoying the very rare summer day and the atmosphere and are already looking forward to next years free vegan rice-and-coconut drinks and the pretty good bands basically playing in our back yard.