August 02, 2010

Mail from England: The birthday-party

Hello Duck and Chicken!
Here is Annie again.
Today I am going to write about a birthday party I went to.
It was the birthday of a friend of mine, who was turning eighteen.
It took place in a room called a "Limonaia", which is a room where l
emon trees are placed in the winter, when it is too cold outside. A very long table was placed in the room, and deorated with flowers and candels.
About 30 guests came, and the theme was "flower power" , so everyone was given flowers to wear around their necks, or in their hair.
There was a buffet of pasta salad, rice salad, roast beef, beans, peppers and eggplants. Once everyone had finished, we sang Happy Birthday, and ate delicious chocate anf orange cake. There were also musicians who played on the flute and accordian. Then everyone danced, in the studio of the birthday girl's father. We all danced in a big circle, and it was so lovely, we only went to bed at 2 o'clock in the morning!!! The next day, the girl's first day of being 18, we tided up all the tables, did the the washing up, and ate up all the leftover food. It was a wonderful evening and eveyone enjoyed themselves, especially the girl who's birthday it was.
Love from Annie

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